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Any way to make staff emails automatically public?



We still use direct emails to customers and would like to see if there’s anyway to make these email updates automatically public when they’re attached to the history. I saw there was a post about this in the past and the justification for making emails private was for spam protection.

If this is still the case, I think it’s an easy change where any email becomes public as long as the staff email and customer emails are found in the FROM/TO/CC fields of the email. that way spam remains private and even internal emails remain private since the customer’s email is not found.


That’s an interesting idea, though most customers want to email directly into HS and then have HS generate an email to the customer not email the customer directly and just CC HS so that method of authentication wouldn’t work in that regard.

This is still not available, but is something high on our list for more research.


Would you be able to recommend a way to directly modify private notes in history to public in SQL using the email criteria I outlined? Changing this one small behaviour seems easier than modify our whole workflow at this point in time.



All that’s required to set a note to public is to set HS_Request_History.fPublic to 1 for the xRequestHistory you want to modify.