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Anyone had any luck using Kettle (by Pentaho) to make api calls?


We are attempting to write a kettle job (using the ‘HTTP Post’ step) to make API calls into helpspot. I’m not sure where the problem lies, but we are getting authentication errors, or missing attribute errors, neither error is consistent.

curl from the linux command line works great every time, so i’m inclined to blame kettle at this point, but maybe there is something that I’m missing.
Any thoughts?


I’m not familiar with Kettle, but most likely it’s not setting the auth info correctly in the post? Also the GET must include the method name. It’s also possible to pass the auth info via GET if you need to.


To make API call you can use “Rest Client” component. and in that, you can define GET and POST method.


Someone in another post suggested generating empty rows, then feeding them through the REST Client step — that combined with some very strange looking HTTP login credentials (my email)/token for user — seemed to have as least allowed me to get the raw data from the JSON API to a text file.

How I will parse this is another matter. Perhaps the first job will use REST Client to write the JSON to one blob in a text file, and a second job will then use this file and parse it with the JSON input step.

-Kettle by Pentaho