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API Authentication Failed - Occurs randomly



I have a ASP.NET application that sends tickets to our HelpSpot application.

For each request we get in the .Net application we create 4 tickets in helpspot for different task.

Because we assign the tickets to people and use html formatting, we use private.request.create. Because of this we need to do an additional 4 private.request.get request so we can build the acces keys.

The problem we are having is that when the doing the 4 private.request.get, out of the 4 at least 1 request is gauranteed to come back as user authentication failed. But its never the same request and if I run the code with the same data over and over it sometimes will let all 4 request go through, but more often 1 of the request will fail.

Any idea on why these request are failing? Is there a helpspot log somewhere so we can see if something is happening on the server?

We use AD to authenticate with the service.


HelpSpot just passes things along so I suspect it may be something with AD? Perhaps to many authentication attempts in a timespan or something like that? Maybe just the AD is reached a simultaneous threshold at times with your 4+ in addition to normal activity?

You could turn those 4 gets into just one call but instead using and searching with ANY and xRequest conditions for all 4 id’s you need.