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API Create External Request with From Email



I am trying to create an external request using the API and having trouble with the from_email field. The documentation explains that this field is the xMailBox ID associated with the email you want to send it from. We only have one MailBox setup in HelpSpot so I am using ID 1 and can verify that is the correct ID through the database and HelpSpot. I am able to create the ticket through the API and the email is sent out, but on the receiving end it displays a comma in the from email instead of the actual email. When I look at the properties of the from email I can see that it has the correct email associated in the from, it just displays as a comma instead of the email address.

If I used the External request within HelpSpot it displays correctly on the receiving end. Only when I use the API does it not. Is there another field I am supposed to be assigning that tells the HelpSpot how the email needs to display?

Thank You,


I’m also having an issue with assigning a value to the dtGMTClosed field for a ticket through the API. I set the fOpen flag to 0 using the API but doing that does not assign a timestamp and I do not see a field in the API that allows me to assign the a value to that field from the linked documentation below.


I’m also having trouble with setting the dtGMTClosed field through the API. When I set the fOpen flag to 0 it enters in 0 for the dtGMTClosed field and I do not see where I can change that value using the API.

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Hi Greg,

The from may be due to how your email mailbox is configured in HelpSpot.

Does it have a from email address just no name? If so check what you’re doing in the mailbox settings for the reply name.

I’ll need to check on the close date, it could be a bug. We’ll have to research that.


Hello Ian,

Sorry I received a reply on this already through a request I put in via email.

I found out it gets the name from the Account Name field, which we were using the Assigned_Last and Assigned_First but since these tickets were not assigned to anyone it was just placing a comma in the field.

The close date field I found you cannot get populated during the ticket creation process. It needs to be done through two separate API calls. The first API call to create the ticket and then a second update API call to set the fOpen field to 0, which then also populates the close date.

I do feel it is a bug still because during the create ticket method you can make the fOpen field 0 but at the point it does not populate the close date field. So either the API should not allow you to set the fOpen field to 0 during the create method or it should properly populate the close date field.

At the moment I have a workaround as mentioned by making two separate API calls. I have yet to test that it works but that is what I was given for a workaround, I’m hoping to get that tested later this week.

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