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API requests search?


I’m just starting to look through your API and was wondering, is there a way for me to get all the requests that were placed by someone via their e-mail address? I’m working on integrating helpspot with my online app and it would be really nice if I could show them all of the tickets they have submitted and their status’s when they go to the support page my program. That would save them from having to remember an access key. So I guess I’m looking for a request search method where I provide their e-mail address and it returns all the requests for that user.

I don’t think I see this function currently so I guess this is more of a feature request.


Hi Chris,

There’s a few ways to do this. The public API does not have that type of function because it would allow anyone to use the API to search through all requests in your system. So instead there’s 2 ways to accomplish this.

  1. Have your app remember the access keys which are returned after creating a request. Then use the access keys with request.get to look up requests when needed.

  2. Purchase a HelpSpot license (or use an extra one if you have it) to dedicate as the web services user. Use that account to access the private API which has a method that allows you to search by email address. Since it’s secured that would be safe. I wouldn’t recommend this with a desktop app, but since the app is online and you can be sure no customers see the login information you’d be ok.

Also you could use an existing users information, but it would be safer to dedicated a new user for this. Also you then don’t have any issues where you change your password and break the app, etc.