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API subject and user


I am currently using the public request.create API to create requests but I would like to be able to add the subject (sTitle). It appears that can not be done with the public API and I must use the private.request.create API. Is that correct?

If so I’m wondering how to implement the authentication account for the private API. I don’t really want to use my HelpSpot login credentials and would prefer to just create a generic API HelpSpot account to use. If created, would that user require a license? Also is there anyway to “hide” that user so it doesn’t show up on the staff lists (ie, when you are selecting a staff to notify, etc)?



Hi Levi,
The private api does require authentication by a HelpSpot staff user and the user does take a license. There is not a way currently to hide that user in the UI if you decided to make a API specific user. Though that’s an interesting idea for a future release!


Thanks Matt!! I think I’ll just use my existing account then.