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API's - Zend Optimizer not installed


Running ionCube Encoded HelpSpot 3.2.9

When I try and access any API:


I get a page stating “Zend Optimizer not installed”. When I look at the index.php file in /api the first couple lines are:

<?php //0046a if(!extension_loaded('ionCube Loader')) So it looks like it is looking for ionCube not Zend. Is Zend required for API access? Thanks!


Hi Levi,

Hmm, I wonder if you switched over at some point and the file wasn’t overwritten. I would try overwriting all the files again. The API should work fine on all versions.

We just sent an email about 3.1.12 so upgrade to that and let us know how you make out.


Hello again,

I just performed a “Clean Upgrade”:

That solved this issue. There must have been an old file hanging around causing issues.

Thanks for the help!!