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Apps for Outlook - Idea?


So, With the new version of Exchange and Office 2013, we’ve noticed you can get apps that attach to outlook, it’s all on their Apps For Outlook store. I’ve recently seen one for another helpdesk solution (not as good as helpspot) Cough That made me think, that would be a great addition to your product. Having something like the application to pull information from emails and log calls, bring up previous calls for users, when on an email and even maybe show pending calls. Most stuff will be done inside the main helpspot console but stuff like above would be what I think a great addition if ever you decided to go down that route?

Thanks for a great product!



Hi Reece,

This does look interesting! In taking a quick peek at how it works, I do see one potential issue. To build an app you have to create a file that points to the URL if your server. This file isn’t intended for end users to edit but would be something we built to add the app to the store.

Since every HelpSpot installation is at it’s own URL each on their own servers we don’t have a handy way to hardcode that into the app stores file.

Still, I have a few ideas for work arounds and that’s only a quick look it may be there’s already a way to address this configuration. We’ll give it a closer look.

Thanks for the heads up!