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Area for extras and apps?


Had a look around the website and couldn’t see anything. Given that a number of HelpSpot’s clients are developers, and that there is a very good API in place, I’m sure some extra little apps have been developed that extend the functionality of HelpSpot. Isn’t there a place where these extras can be uploaded and browsed?

At the moment I’m looking for a desktop app that allows each staff user to view their queue and get alerts of new requests assigned to them. If this hasn’t already been developed then we’ll look at creating it ourselves. It would be a shame if, once developed, there wasn’t somewhere we could upload it to in order to share it with other people.


Hi James,

Currently customers supplied code is usually placed in with our example api docs. So either linked directly off the api pages or where you see “sample implementation” there’s also things like some of the libraries (python, objective c) that have been contributed by others.

We do need to get a more unified location for them though and it’s something we’re going to be adding to the website when we have more time after V3.

Certainly if you develop something along those lines and would like to contribute it (or put it up on github, etc) we’ll definitely link to it and let others know about it.

I’m sure a desktop client would have appeal.