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Asset tracking?


I really like HelpSpot a lot from the trial I just started and everything I’ve seen about it so far. The only thing missing is that I want to use it as an internal help desk for the IT department, and there are several other helpdesks out there (ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk being the one I’m most familiar with) that also do integrated asset management, and let you tie tickets to a specific computer or piece of software for example, which is excellent for tracking the history of a particular machine. You can also assign a computer to a user so their computer is automatically selected when they go to submit a request.

Is there anything that could work similarly with HelpSpot (built-in or add-on), or can you convince me why HelpSpot is better even without that feature? I really like your interface better than theirs, but it is hard to decide to give up the additional information, or track it separately and create yet one more system to deal with.


Hi David,

HelpSpot certainly has a different focus than many other help desk applications. Most help desk packages aim to be all things to all people and so they’re feature packed and do everything, but nothing well. Having all those features also greatly complicates the interface and is a major reason why we receive a lot of praise on our interface which can be simpler because it doesn’t need to pack in so many features.

Our focus with HelpSpot is on providing the best customer service tool available. While asset tracking, billing and other help desk related tasks are important nothing is more important than providing great customer service and that’s where we put our focus.

We do have customers who track asset ID’s in HelpSpot, that’s easy to do. In Admin->Tools you can create custom request fields. You can add a text field to hold asset ID’s and that field will be available on the request page so your staff can enter those ID’s. You can then run reports on that and so on. So the only real issue is that you will need a separate system to actually track the assets. There are a lot of options there from open source to high end commercial. We don’t use a system like that here so I don’t have a recommendation there.

Try out the custom fields and let me know if you think that may work.