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Assign HelpSpot user name to the From field internally


Hope this makes sense: We are using v 4.6.2 with MySQL on a 2012R2 box. Exchange 2010 with Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016. Currently working our way to 2016 exclusively.

The HelpSpot email box is setup to use POP3.

If our agents send email outside of our domain, the customer will see the agents Last Name, First Name (helpspot email account). If our agents send email within our domain, the From field will only show the HelpSpot email account and not the agent Last Name, First Name.

How/Where do I make it so we can see Last Name, First Name internally as well?

In Admin-Email Boxes - Account Name we have ##LOGGED_IN_LAST##, ##LOGGED_IN_FIRST## set and the Reply to Email Account is the address of the mail box.

Email Templates - Tag states we can edit the Signature? “If everyone has a Signature setup in their HelpSpot profile and you enter the ##SIGNATURE## tag in the e-mail template, the Signature of the logged on user is sent regardless of who the ticket is assigned to.”


Reading further - is this even possible with Exchange and internal emails? Outlook seems to only show the Display Name of the internal mailbox.