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Assign new e-mail to existing incident



How can we append a new e-mail in the inbox to an existing helpspot incident? This can happen when a customer e-mails us without including the helpspot ID in the subject (they do this all the time, for instance e-mailing a log to us from a different account).




Hi Steve,

This isn’t currently possible but we plan to have a merge tool in a future release which will allow you to combine requests when this situation happens.


Thanks, I guess we can live without this for the moment. I do think it is important though.



I was looking for this capability as well! Sometimes two will be experiencing the same type of problem and invariably the second user fully documents their situation. Combining requests (or threads) would be helpful in getting the bigger picture. It would also be great if you could separate the combined requests if one situation branches away from the other.



We’re definitely planning both a merge and fork utility for a near term release. Stay tuned!