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Assign Request to Staff based on Custom Field selection


Is it possible to assign a ticket to a certain staff member, based solely on the custom field selection? I see the option to “Set Category/Staffer”, but I don’t want to change the category - only the staff.


Hi Michael,

The reason that Category and Staffer are tied to each other is because some staff may only have permissions to be assigned requests in certain categories. If a staffer is assigned regardless of category you could end up with a request assigned to category that the staffer isn’t it. For your use, we may need to create multiple triggers to handle the multiple categories that a request may be in.


I should start by showing out flowcart for requests:

The first question “How would you categorize this request?” has the following options:
Frequent Topics, Problem, Service Request

Then under the latter two, we have a “Product List”, so users can specific which product they need help with. We used a Drill Down List for this (because this option doesn’t exist in “Categories”), starting with “Equipment” or “Programs” and going more detailed there.

We have specified people dedicated to printers, or internal web apps, or iPhones, etc. I’d like to use this Drill Down list to assign the tickets to these people. Since we have 20-30 items, I’d rather not make two rules for each.


Hi Michael,
I see what you are facing. It may be that using categories is a better option in your case. I’ll lay out how that might work and you can see if that will fit your case.

In categories you can create groupings. (screenshot: So, you could create a grouping for each of your main areas (Frequent Topics, Problem, Service Request) then add categories for each of the items you currently have in the drilldown list. You might want to actually create more groupings than the main areas that you listed since it sounds like there may be a few levels of drilldown that you would be trying to replicate. Once you have these categories in place you can set up each category with auto-assignment inside of the category settings. This would allow you to do more advance assignment as well, like round-robin assignments.

The groupings will not be displayed by default on the portal but you can add them by uncommenting some code in the portal template in the latest version of Helpspot. This is the commented out code that you will be looking for in request.tpl.php

To use this code, remove the comments and replace the foreach statement above with this foreach statement.
<?php foreach($this->splugin('Categories','getCategories') AS $category): ?>
if(! empty($category['sCategoryGroup'])) {
if (!empty($current_group)) echo '</optgroup>'; //close if prev had been in another group
$current_group = $category['sCategoryGroup'];
echo '<optgroup label="' . hs_htmlspecialchars($category['sCategoryGroup']) . '">';
<option value="<?php echo $category['xCategory'] ?>"
<?php if($this->request_xCategory == $category['xCategory']) echo 'selected' ?>>
<?php echo $category['sCategory'] ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

I know this might or might not work for you but I wanted to provide it as another option if you don't want to create the triggers necessary for your current configuration.


Unfortunately, the end of the drill down menu is what we want to assign. See below:


Just an FYI, here’s what the grouping would look like. Also, in 4.0.23 we have some updated code from what is posted here that does a better job of grouping categories in the portal.