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Assigned user receiving two emails - the Auomation rle email and Request updated email



I apologie if I have already asked about this, but I have a user complaining and I can’t find a trace about how to resolve it.

I have set up automation rules to send a reminder email to the assigned user that e.g. their Request is still IN STATUS ‘Under Investigation’ > 14 days; basically to make sure it hasn’t been forgotten about and whether it needs updating.

Trouble is that they get this reminder email, then they get another email to say that their Request has been updated (as a result of the system generated update).

is there another way of doing this so they only get the one reminder? Or is this a change in a later release (we are still using v2.1.1 until I get the update cleared through testing) …THKS.


Hi Brent,

In version 2.6 (coming out soon) there’s an option in the auto rules to suppress any other notification emails that would normally take place when someone’s request is updated. So you can suppress the normal update and they’ll only receive your special 14 day reminder update.