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Associate a list of bug #s to a request


I’d like to associate a list of one or more bug tracking ID #s to each request, and later be able to search for requests based on these bug IDs, using both the Web interface and the ‘’ Web API.

So far, I’ve tried using a custom field with space separated numbers, i.e. “85 131” or comma separated numbers, “85, 131”, but I’m having trouble getting the proper search results when using the Web API since it requires an exact match of the field’s text value.

For example, searching based on the field value using “” won’t work for the field values above since it only return requests whose custom field value is exactly “85”. On the other hand, I’d also like to avoid cases where searching for “13” would also match “131”.

I’m probably missing something simple, but what is the best way to associate a list of unique numbers to each request and then search for requests based on those numbers?