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Attached file not showing up in portal


Not sure if its a setting I missed, or just not possible, but when I attach a file to a ticket as the admin, the customer does not see it in the portal (although I can see it from the admin view).

Am I doing something wrong, or missing a setting?

Thanks -


Perhaps that code got erased while modifying the template at some point?

After this foreach foreach($this->splugin(‘Request_Check’,‘getPublicUpdates’,$this->get_id) around line 100 you should see some code for files like this:

				<?php if(count($event['files'])): ?>
					<br />
					<?php foreach($event['files'] AS $file): ?>
						<?php echo $file ?><br />
					<?php endforeach; ?>
				<?php endif; ?>


Thanks Ian - that was certainly it.