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Attached image files unable to be opened with requests created using API


When I attach an image file (jpeg, bmp, png) to a request that is being created/updated using the API, the file is not
able to be opened in help spot after the request is updated/created. The api calls request.create/request.update are successful. I am using VB.NET to call the web api calls.



It sounds like maybe the attachment either isn’t getting stored properly or it’s possibly corrupt?

In your API call can you confirm that you are base 64 encoding the File1_bFileBody? The should also be the file contents and not just the name.


I have confirmed that I am encoding the image file’s body into a base64 string.

I am using the same encoding logic to encode a text file into a base64 string and can successfully create a request through the API.

If I create a request in helpspot and attach an image file to the new request. The image file is viewable from helpspot.

However if I create a request through the API and attach the same image file, the new request (create via the API) attached image file is not viewable, downloadable helpspot.

I am using the .net System.Convert.ToBase64String(…) method to encode the file body.

Below is the function I use to convert a file I am assuming that help spot is using
iso-8859-1 encoding.

Private Shared Function ConvertToBase64String(filebody As Byte()) As String

    Dim iso_8859_1 As Encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(28591)

    Dim base64String As String
    Encoding.Convert(Encoding.Default, iso_8859_1, filebody)

    base64String = Convert.ToBase64String(filebody)

    Return base64String

End Function

Has anyone else encounter this issue with attached files to a request created via the API?