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Attaching a file to a case


We have been attaching small word documents to cases in the last week (less than 1MB in size). This has been working fine. But from today after selecting the file to attach and updating the case nothing has been included in the case. There is no error displayed or anything in the helpspot log to indicate why it did not work. We are using version 3.18.


This has been resolved now - realised that you must insert a text comment into the case at the same time in order for the files to be attached. A little strange but now I know.


Hi Anthony,

Any chance it’s changed in size at all? Some servers are configured in such a way that anything over 1mb won’t work without adjusting some settings. So it could be you’ve crossed over that. You can find details for the server adjustments here:

If you used the Windows Installer these wouldn’t be necessary but any other server setup they might be. Most likely the issue is the MySQL max_packet_size setting.