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Attaching multiple images to Responses in HelpSpot

Hi Everyone!

I am working on responses in our HelpSpot system that will have multiple images, meant to guide our users with step-by-step instructions. Right now I am still testing this. I have noticed though that when attaching multiple images, the attachments appear at the end of the message and I can’t seem to use placeholders to add them to a specific location in a message.

Here is what my test response looks like in HelpSpot:

Here is what my response looks like when I try to use it; note that for the attached images, instead of seeing “Attachment # 1” and Attachment # 2" both simply say “Attachment”:

I have tried to make sure, manually, that each image had different text and attached an extra image just for testing purposes:

This is what my response ended up looking like; only the image I manually attached appears correctly. Has anyone else experimented with this? Do y’all have advice on how to get this to work?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile: