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Attachments through form


Hi there,

We use a custom form for our end-users to contact us. We then submit the form information through the API to Helpspot. That part works like a charm. However, we are having problems processing an attachment the end-user sends us through this form. Does the API allow attachments? Have any documentation on how to set this up? Right now, attachments are sent to Helpspot only when the customer replies to an existing request and they include the attachment at that time.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Steve,

Yes, you can send attachments. You’ll find the details near the bottom here:


Thank you Ian! Will send this information to our engineers.


Is there any way to make the email parser take file upload fields? I attempted to use the tags this way inside of an email, without success:


By file upload fields, I mean these:
By email parser fields, I mean these: