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Auto-Assign Filter question


My Apologies in advance if this question has already been asked. I tried to do a basic search and I did not come up with the exact search criteria for my question. I am also new to HelpSpot Administrator in general.

Here is my dilemma and I’m sure it’s an easy fix

We have Auto-assign setup for tickets that match a certain criteria they get auto-assigned to one of our sys-admin staff. Now if said member is out that day tickets may “Auto-Assign” to that persons queue and if we aren’t monitoring that persons queue we may miss urgent tickets. So what I would like to do is just setup a basic dashboard for ANY auto-assigned tickets so that way at a glance I can see what has been auto-assigned and if one or two persons are out I can kill two birds with one stone and re-assign those tickets.

How can I go about accomplishing this goal? What would I do the filter on because I don’t see something that says “Auto-Assign” or I would filter on that.




Hi Mac,
I think you might be better served by using the out of office feature in the helpspot staff preferences. Each staff member can turn on out of office in their preferences or you can turn in on at the admin level. When out of office is turned on you can choose to reassign requests that are auto assigned either to the inbox or to another staff member. Does this sound like what you are looking for?


Thanks Matt!

I think this is what our division mgr did and just had the tickets forward to the INBOX. So as you state I think that is the easiest methodology going forward and since I’m the HelpSpot admin I will just be monitoring the other sys admins and if one of us is out I will just modify their out of the office message.

PS: Any YouTubes or articles/blogs you recommend for someone that is new to HelpSpot from a admin perspective? I think I stumbled across a couple of YouTubes from the main page but haven’t had a chance to watch them. Outside of those any other “tips or tricks” you recco?

Thanks once again,