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Auto-Closing a ticket


Is there a way to schedule a ticket to automatically be closed after a certain amount of inactivity, or, a way to set the STATUS of the ticket to “Close in X days of last activity”.

Ultimately, when we answer a customer, we expect that they might want to update the ticket if our answer wasn’t satisfactory. So, while we would like to just CLOSE the ticket after answering it, that isn’t fair to the customer. So, if we could answer the ticket, and set it to “Close in X days after last activity”, it would give the end-user time to respond.

If this is not available, any other work arounds or ideas that would come close to this using existing featureset?


  • Anthony


Yes you can. You’ll need to have updated to HelpSpot 1.2.0. You can check if you’re running it by going to Admin->Settings. If not, you’ll first need to update.

Go to Admin->Tools->Automation. In there you can define rules to close requests X minutes after the last update. Make sure to keep the “open” constraint so that the rule only checks open requests and not all requests.

You’ll also need to have setup tasks2.php to run every day (or more if you want).