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Auto Forward Recognition Bit Us


Based on a previous topic, “HelpSpot ~ Recognise E-Mails that have been forwarded to Helpspot and set appropriate client details”, it appears that HelpSpot is detecting that an e-mail is forwarded and getting the customer information from the forwarding information in the body of the e-mail. In our company, Outlook is only providing the friendly name in the forwarding information, so the body contains something like “From: Lastname, Firstname”. HelpSpot ends up setting the e-mail address to “Lastname@”, which means that we don’t get the right customer information.

If there is a way to work around this issue, that would be good to know. Otherwise, it would be nice if, in a future version, HelpSpot would validate the e-mail address and revert to the sender information if the e-mail address parsed out from the forwarding information is not a valid e-mail address.


Can I just add a “me too” to this one. Just searching to see if this very issue had been raised before and came across this.


Hi Guys,

You can fix that bug (#561) with the patch provided here:

Also in the next release you’ll need to explicitly tell the system to treat it as forwarded and parse it for customer information.


Thanks Ian,

I’ve applied the patch - now all I have to do is wait for a forward-able e-mail.