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Auto Login


I’ve built a blackbox login authenticator for ExpressionEngine (which I’ll share when I’m done) and that’s great for using EE’s system to authenticate… but is there any method to automatically log people in to the helpspot system if they’re already logged in somewhere else? SSO you know?


Hey Chris!

Not currently, it requires them to at the very least click the loggin button. Since you control the logic you could check for a session or cookie or whatever and set the username/password but no way around them pressing the button at least at this time :frowning:


I hate you so much.

Just kidding.


BTW. Having fun EEifying your product. Got live look working.


This requires no action on your part. Just thought you might be interested in the following.

I managed to set up single sign on with ExpressionEngine and HelpSpot

  1. I set up automatic login in BlackBoxPortal when the user’s logged into the other system without validating any actual data (no username or pwd necessary)
  2. used ajax on login page to see if member was logged in to the other system using a custom_code script
  3. if logged in, used JS to auto-submit the login form.

Had to create a few things in custom_code, and modified a few of the templates. Basically added some JS, and an id to the login form (because I’m lazy). Also removed name=‘submit’ from the submit button to make JS submission of the form easier.

For the most part, what I came up with will be a good starting point for other EE users. I have a github repository, and when I get a little time, I’ll post it up there, along with the live lookup stuff.

Started looking at sucking in some EE templates into the header and footer while I was at it, but wasn’t getting much love. Will probably shelve that for now.


You’re an animal :slight_smile:

Definitely when you have a chance to throw it up on GH I’m sure others would love to see it.