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Auto Notify Staffers but No Auto-Reply to Customer


I’d like to auto-assign tickets, which I know how to do, when they come to my INBOX in Helpspot.

I’d also like the staffer(s) to receive an email notification that there is a new ticket assigned to them (in this case, it is me).

However, I do NOT want customers to receive a notification that their ticket has been received until I hit the site and view the ticket for the first time.

How can I do this?


By default the assignment will generate a staff notification so that should be no problem. You can turn off the auto replies to the customers (in the mailbox for email and portal settings for portal).

However, there’s no way to generate an email just on viewing the request. What you may want to do is write a response that you save and that you can quickly use when you view and accept a request.