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Auto populate from customer id


Is there a simple way to auto complete an entry based on the customer ID?
I can see many references to using the Live lookup functions, but I dont really have a backend program to lookup from.

Is the best option to just use the csv file lookup as mentioned?


Hi Peter,

Because Helpspot doesn’t really store customer information (aside from in each request) you’d need some kind of system to run a live lookup against. I guess it could be possible to write a script to query the requests table of Helpspot and pull info on distinct customers from there.


Hi Peter,

Yes, Andrew has a good idea there. You could create a script to find the unique customer ID’s/emails from the HS_Request table and return results from that.


Hi Peter,

I’ve written a quick and dirty MySQL based live lookup script and pasted it onto PasteBin here:

I’ve commented the code fairly comprehensively so you should be able to figure out what it’s doing, this file would need to be saved somewhere on your webserver as a PHP file (e.g. livelookup.php) where Helpspot can access it. It requires some settings which are documented in the code - namely the database settings, and then of course you’ll need to configure Helpspot (Admin > Settings > Live Lookup) and Ian’s got documentation here on the site regarding that.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Wow, fantastic job Andrew! Nice work.


Thanks Ian, the code is the quick part - it’s going back and thinking about the comments to add which takes time in my opinion :wink: