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Auto-reply exemption


Is there a way to setup some sort of trigger, or whitelist or something that when emails from certain addresses come into the system, an auto-reply is NOT sent back?

They are automatic reports/newletters/etc (mostly from google), and its causing trouble sending an autoreply to a non-human, which tends to autoreply back.


Hi Uber,

What you can do is turn off auto replies and then use Mail Rules (admin->Tools->Email Rules) to define an instant reply. So in the conditions you’ll have something like “from” does not contain "", etc. So everyone except those will get the auto reply.


The problem we found with trying that, is that the actual auto-reply system lets you define separate properly formatted HTML and text versions of the rpely email (which get sent in the correct MIME parts of the email), but the instant reply is only 1 box, and no indication or documentation which MIME part of the email it gets sent as.


When you do the instant reply you’ll see the formatting options link. That shows you the formatting options for the email. All email in HS is sent as multipart. You use Markdown to build that email. It will then send the text version exactly as is and use Markdown to create the HTML part.

The email will use the public replies to customers template.