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Auto-subscribe to request in a specific category


I’m looking at the automation rules and would like to set at rule that;

  1. if a case is open

  2. a specific category

  3. and not already subscribed

  4. auto-subscribed.

  5. and 2. is easy

  6. I could to with a SQL WHERE clause

  7. This is the tricky part, it doesn’t seem that i can use SQL for actions? Could it be done any other way?


Hi Johnny,

So you want to subscribe other users under certain conditions then? What you might want to do is instead of subscribing them simply send them an email as that’s all subscribing does anyway. In the email you send use the full public history tag and they’ll get all the public notes in the email.


Hi Ian,

Not exactly, For example, I want to auto-subscribe myself to all cases in ‘my’ category and recieve updates in cases my colleagues handles with other customers (without them needing to manually add me to the information flow).


Well, you could use an AR rule to show you all requests in a category perhaps once a day and send you an email on each using the full request history placeholder. That would bring you up to speed, though there’s not a way to do it for each update to be sent as an individual email to you currently.

You could probably do something with the API to create such a script, but that would be a little more work, not sure if you’re a programmer or not.