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Autolog out, at every click of a button


Hi. Anyone experienced this. I just upgraded to 3.1.1 and on each click, the system logs me out. How do l fix this.


Hi Nduka,

I’ve been getting the same thing recently too. Both myself and all other staff accounts get insta-session timed out.
Most peculiar! This issue first emerged for us after a power cut. I presume there is a service not running, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out what it is.

Are you running on windows or linux?



Hi James,

I got this fixed yesterday by switching to google chrome. Prior to this, i tried on other staffs computer, and it works on some but not on the others. So it has something to do with Internet Explorer setting for some reason.

Try chrome, and you should be fine.



Hi again Nduka,

Thanks for your response. I originally thought this was cookie based or an IE issue & also tried some other browsers.

I’ve just fixed the problem completely by repairing all of the database tables. Give that a go >:)



Interesting thanks for the update James, must have been a table corrupted in there. Nduka, you may want to try a database repair on your MySQL tables as well in case that’s also your issue.



Nope. Database repair is not doing it for me. Still the same thing on Internet Explorer.



It could perhaps be something with a security level on IE? What about clearing all the cookies? If you have access to a different computer with IE try that to see if it’s isolated to your machine.



Yes its isolated to two specific units. It works fine on 2 other units we have in the office here. I have cleared the cookies, and checked that the security setting is the same as l have on those that are ok.

But its still the same.