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Automate customer ID



I currently have a custom portal which accepts comany ID, company name, and several other fields. What would I have to do in order to create an automated process which would set the customer ID of a task to the company ID?


Do you mean the built in customer ID field in HelpSpot? That field is already available on the portal, it’s just hidden. You can enable it by uncommenting it from request.tpl.php. See more about customizing templates:


Thanks for your help, that’s not exactly what I meant though. I’d like to accept a company name, and then set that as the customer ID. What you suggested would be good though. Would it be possible to get basic step by step instructions on how to do that? How do i get to request.tpl.php?


Yes, if you want to use our Customer ID field it can accept characters not just numbers. Of course you could also use the custom fields to collect the same information if you prefer.


How do I use the customer ID field? I can’t seem to add it through the normal method. I read in one of the manuals that I could do it by uncommenting a line of code somewhere, however when I got to the editor it wouldn’t let me modify the code.


If you don’t have write permissions on the files then you may not be able to edit them through the editor in HelpSpot. You can edit the files directly following these instructions: