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Automated deleting TRASH


Hi Ian,

I have the
"Delete requests after this many days in the trash:" set to 30 days, but I still have alot of requests that are 30+ days old

Is there something else I need to do to get the 30+ day old requests deleted?

Program’s running great! 1000+ requests in 3 months



Great to hear it’s running well overall. Trash is deleted by the tasks.php script which is the same one that pulls in email, do you have that script running? Also its 30 days from when they’re place in the trash, not from when they were opened. So they can be older than 30 days, but if you put it in the trash 15 days ago, you still have 15 days to go.


Thanks Ian!
That did the trick!
I don’t run tasks since I don’t use email. I just use the webform so I only run tasks2

I’ll run tasks every once in while.

Thanks again!


Ah, great. Yep you may want to set it up to run once a day. You could even set it up to run it’s normal every few minutes since that script may be used for other actions in the future. It won’t hurt anything to have it run since it will see there’s no mailboxes and will end.

It’s also used for reminders so if you every try and use that feature it won’t function right without running fairly often.