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Automatic Timetracker


Dear Ian,

i’m in need for two Options.
1st: Is itr possible to automatic start and log the Time by User, if the User is looking up the Request?
(also if the User takes a look over the Request ID Link)

2nd: I tried out the Feature and forgott most to Log the Time. Means: i’fe startet Timetracking, editet Information and answered the Request, and then i forgot to Log Time… and just clicked update and close :frowning:

And, if i’m just here:
Is it possible to disable the looking at a Request just by clicking on the Request ID ?
I want to asure that all my Staff are takinmg over a Request with the “Take IT” Function.

Much Thanks for Help!



Hi Ralf,

No, there’s no auto start currently. You could create a filter that looks for requests with no time over the last day or something like that and then reopen them for staff to add time to in order to train them. I would think doing that a few times would get them trained up.

There’s not a way to disable the quick views currently.


We’d like to second the request for an automatic timetracker start.