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Automatically delete attachments


We’re using Helpspot software for many of years and still happy with it.

Sometimes our customers will sent us files with very sensitive addresses information. In case of GDPR we promised to our customers to delete this such informations within 30 days (xslx, csv or something) after first receive date.

How we can implement this in the Helpspot?
The attachments are not stored in the database but in a seperate folder, we’re hosting your software by us self. The first through was to delete attachments records in the database by a script/job but this will not delete physical files.



Our latest version of HelpSpot (I believe 4.8.3) includes GDPR features that allow you to delete requests and attachments - you can read more about them here:

This should handle attachments stored on the file system. Otherwise, it’s possible for a script to delete the attachments from the disk (assuming they’re in the file attachment location as configured in HelpSpot). The HS_Documents_Location table stores the location of the files relative to HelpSpot’s configured attachment directory.