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Automatically move incoming mail from one mailbox to another


Is it possible to automatically move incoming requests from one mailbox to another so that when we respond to a request the response is coming from another mailbox?

The motivation for this is:
We have an old support e-mail address at one provider and a new official support email address at another.

While we like to only use the new one, we would like to have a transition phase where incoming mails on the old address still gets handled.

We tried to simply se up forwarding from the old mail server to the new, but most off the forwarded e-mail are being rejected due to SPF. policies from the customer e-mail server.

Our goal is that all outgoing mail always have the new address and that we do not need to change the mailbox manually


I think what you could do in this case is setup your mailbox to have a reply-to address of your new email address and to use the SMTP for you new mail server. This way the only part of the old email account that will be used is the imap credentials to retrieve requests.


I’m assuming that you’re reffering to the “Reply to Email Account” field?

Is that field not inserted as the “From:” field in the email?

Our e-mail provider has a requirement that the From field matches the account.


Perhaps if we use the default system smtp settings and the change the "Reply to Email Account” field accordingly?


Yes you will need to use your new server’s SMTP settings.