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Automating Reports


Greetings all,

Was wondering if there’d be anyway at all that I could make automation of a report possible in HelpSpot? I am having to generate a daily/weekly report for each of our many customers and it feels as though there should be a way to automate this?

Many thanks,


Hi Adel,
What kind of report are you looking to generate? You can generate a simple table of requests from an automation rule on a schedule. Currenlty though, beyond that other reports would need to be automated by querying the API or database directly.


Hi Matt,

I have a series of reports that I have saved as custom that currently I’m having to manually run and export to a csv, is there a way I can automate this?


Hi Adel,
There is not currenlty a way to automate this. This is something we are looking at for a future version of HelpSpot.


Any kind of time frame on this?

I’d have to try and source another solution otherwise.

Perhaps is there anyone I can talk to about automating reports by extracting the data from sql?



Hi Adel,
There isn’t a defined timeline on this. We’re happy to provide advice on building out custom reports. You can contact us a