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Automation not adding notes


Some time in the recent past, HelpSpot stopped adding notes to a ticket whenever an automation rule was activated because of that ticket. I don’t remember if this is a feature and is configurable, or if this might be a bug.


Hi Alan,

I don’t think there’s a bug, here’s what I think is going on. If you perform an action such as changing a status via automation and log note is added to the request history. However, if you are performing an action such as sending a notification email no note is logged. Since sending an email doesn’t change the actual request there’s no log note. This is how it’s designed, so it’s not a bug, but may not be what you expected.


Check out this screen shot:

This is from, probably, v1.3 of HS, but I’m not sure. The dates mentioned are in July of last year. Notice that there are no notes added except from System adding who was notified, but no status change or anything.

I know there’s a simple explanation for this, but I’m not seeing it.



Ian, please pull my last reply out of SPAM. It’s got important info in, like a link.


OK thanks. Let me look into this and see what’s up.


OK looks like the notifications were the only type of note that was affected. I’ll send you a patch later today along with a patch for that other issue.