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Automation Rule for Staff


I have setup an automation rule to notify staff on certain categories, it is working great. On feature they would like is to include the request text in the email, there is a place holder, INITIALREQUEST, that I have included but it never seems to populate, it is always just blank.

The other issue appears to be, I have this set to send to an external dist. list, it will not take the subject, it just puts in Request Updated with the Request ID, not what I have typed in the subject area…

Any ideas?


I figured out the subject line, the template did not include the template place holder, but I still can not get the initialrequest to work in an automation rule.


Hi Joshua,

The initial request will only populate if the initial request is a public note. So for instance if the initial request was manually entered as a private note the placeholder will be blank. Could that be the issue?


Yes, that could be the issue, is there any other way to get the request text into an automation rule, as a matter of practice we typically put the initial request in as a private note, because it contains a slew of diagnostic information that would be confusing to the user.


There’s not a way to get the private text into an auto rule email currently. You could create something fairly easily with the API to grab the information and generate emails, but this would be outside the automation rule system.