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Automation rule to notify not working


I have notifications turned on when staff member is assigned a ticket. For one specific staff member I have an automation rule set up to send notification when a request is reassigned from the Inbox to the staff member. The notification is set to include the original subject line and request note. When I test the conditions it passes but in practice the rule does nothing. When I reassign a request the staff member receives the standard assignment notification but not a notification with the original subject and note. I’ve “Suppress any staff notifications that result from Actions” in the rule and that didn’t change anything. I turned off notifications in the staff member’s settings, and the automation rule still doesn’t send its message. Any ideas what I may be missing?


Hi Todd!
One thing to note is that automations run on a schedule, determined by how often tasks2.php is called. It sounds like this may be a task better suited to a trigger than an automation. Triggers run every time a request is changed and do not rely on a schedule.



I knew there was something I was missing, and that was it. It works perfectly now. Thanks!


Hi Tod, Happy to help!