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Automation rule with "minutes since last public update" doesn't work properly


In the latest version of Helpspot, automation rules seem to be a bit broken. We have a rule that sends an e-mail to the assigned staffer when a record has had no public updates in a week:

Open/Closed: Open
Minutes since last public update greater than 10080

In the latest version of HS (1.5.5), this rule fires for every open record, it doesn’t matter what value is put into the “minutes” field.

Please can this be fixed ASAP?




Hi Steve,

There is a patch for this, I’ll email it over to you shortly.


We actually have the same/similar problem. We got several emails for open tickets not in the time frame, and even one email for a ticket number that doesn’t exist.


Ian, can you please email me this patch as well? We’re having the same issue. Thanks.