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Automation rules affect unread status - workarounds?


Hi HelpSpot,

Another post from me on the unread flag. I have posted a previous query on this (see here:

Currently, if I use an automation rule to change the status of an issue, then HelpSpot flags this as a change to the issue and marks the issue as unread.

While this functionality is desirable for some changes, it is not logical for others and causes a whole pile of unread open issues that I then have to review (I am also the only user of this system).

Is there any way of working around this?

I thought of two possible options:

  1. Per-rule functionality: Use an option in the automation rule creation screen (under “Options”) that queries the action to take re the unread status. Could be “Leave unread status alone | Change to unread | Change to read”, for example. This would be my preferred option.

  2. General functionality: Give automation rules a new action “Change unread status” and set accordingly (leave/set read/set unread).

I feel this would be a useful feature for HelpSpot, since the whole purpose of automation is to save users time – which it cannot do if it causes extra work in some cases (unread issues needing unnecessary reviews).

Any thoughts, ideas? :=)



Hi Ed,

Well this is something we’ll definitely consider. I do have an idea for a workaround though. I’m not sure how technical you are, but what you could do is do this status change via SQL instead. So create a small script that does the same search as your auto rule, but then manually do the update to change the status to a new one.

Doing it that way the system won’t add a history note for the change. All that needs to be done is to update HS_Request.xStatus


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the reply - an SQL change sounds like just the thing!

Many many thanks for the info, I’ll give it a whirl!




Excellent! Let us know if you have any trouble.