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Automation Rules Question


I have three teams, each assigned to a category. I have three corresponding distinct email accounts configured to automatically categorize incoming tickets to the appropriate categories. I would like the receipt of an email by HelpSpot to any of these three email accounts to trigger an initial notification to the entire team, but only the team members who are “Category Staff Members” for the related category. What is the best way to do this? It seems that an automation rule would be in order here, but what keeps the automation rule from firing a new notification every time tasks.php is run? Is there a flag somewhere I can check to see if a notification has already been sent? Do I need to create a distinct “Action” in the automation rule to email each individual staffer? It seems like there is probably a simple way to achieve this that I’m overlooking.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Chet,

In V3 there are Triggers which would let you do this no matter how the request came in (portal or email). For now though if it’s only email you can use a Mail Rule. One rule for each mailbox with the only condition being the mailbox.

In actions add each staffer as a separate notification and you should be all set.


Thanks for your usual prompt answers on this forum Ian.