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Automation Rules


Is it possible to stop the email notification to a user if an automation rule makes changes to a ticket?

For instance, say I write a rule that says ‘if the issue is > 14 days old and a custom field = xyz’ mark the issue as urgent. When this rule hits an issue, an email is sent to the user that it’s been changed to urgent. In all cases for this rule I don’t want a notification being sent to the user.


You mean the assigned system user gets an email, not that the customer gets an email correct?

There’s not currently a way to avoid that, if the request changes an email is generated to the assigned user (unless they have all notifications turned off). I’ll put that down though for consideration in a future release.


One short term idea for your staff would be to set a rule in their email clients where if the body of an email contains “Automation Match:” then delete it or move it to a folder or something like that.


Thanks Ian. I guess I was a little confused about where the email was getting sent. I’m testing via a number of different emails and didn’t realize it was coming to the assigned user and not the requesting customer.


Ah, yeah that happens to me all the time as well :slight_smile:

The automation rule will only send an email to the customer if you explicitly tell it to in the rules actions.



I’m trying to automate requests that come from a designated mailbox that by-pass the inbox and go straight to a user. Is this possible?

I’ve tried a number of times using the rules, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help appreciated.




Hi David,

Yes, you need to use Mail Rules not Automation Rules. In the mail rule you can specify the mailbox and then select a category and staffer to assign to.

If all email from a mailbox always goes to one user there’s another way to do it. In the mailbox settings give the mailbox a default category. Then in the category settings set that category to automatically assign requests to the default user (who should be the user you want all the mail assigned to).


I have set up 4 automation rules and they have all stopped working.

Does anybody have exprienced this?

One is a simple rule like this

If field “Urgency” is high and field “Impact” is High then set field “Priority” to High

But nothing happens

Any suggestions are welcome.



Hi Lars, if they were working and now stopped you probably need to check on the cron job (linux) or windows scheduled task that calls tasks2.php as that’s the script that runs them. Perhaps it stopped running and so isn’t calling the script.


Hi I’m currently running the new Version of helpspot ,
My problem is after setting up the Task2.php?id=… and getting each of my automation rules setup so they run individually , when it surpasses the time .
(E.G 3days rule if it goes past 3 days we would like an email to notify us .)
Dependant on the rule it will keep constantly sending the email out say if that email was every 5mins to run and check we would get one every 5 mins after the allotted time . I would like it only to send one email out to notify us that it has exceeded the time limit …

Could you help ??


Hi Reece,

Sure, check this out:


Hi Ian ,

Thanks for the help !!! It worked !!!