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Autoresponse for API request.create Call



We’ve been using helpspot happily without autoreplys to initial support requests for awhile, but would like to change that.

We have an API call to (public) ‘request.create’ in our application that adds our customers’ request to the system.

Unfortunately, after turning on the various autoreply options, I’m still not getting an autoreply for a request that is created by the API call.

I’ve turned on:
“Settings”->“Portal”->“Portal Request Form Auto Reply:”->“Yes”.

The API call I’m making looks like:

post array:
array(11) {
[“sFirstName”]=> string(3) “N/A”
[“sLastName”]=> string(3) “N/A”
[“sEmail”]=> string(23) ""
[“sUserId”]=> string(8) “dbuschho”
[“Custom6”]=> string(7) “Testing”
[“tNote”]=> string(313) “Testing - This is what I DID: This is what I EXPECTED to happen: This is what DID happen: Reported URL:”
[“fUrgent”]=> string(1) “0”
[“Custom7”]=> string(1) “6”

Further info: Emails sent to our helpspot address do receive an autoreply.

Probably just missing something silly, thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi Drew,

The auto reply system is for emails only currently, so it doesn’t auto reply for the API. You could send your create api call as a public note which would send it to them or generate a follow up public update call with a general note (though that would be logged) or send an email from your application directly as an auto reply.


Thanks Ian. Glad I wasn’t missing something!