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Autostart Time Tracker?



Apologies if there is a post about this already that I missed in my searches…

Is there any way to auto-start the Time Tracker when “Create Request” is clicked as well as any time an open ticket is opened/viewed?

This would allow reps to click “Stop” if they don’t want to track the time, otherwise the time would be tracked.

We’re starting to see that this would give us far more accurate time tracking than we’re getting from hoping reps will remember to click the start button on the time tracker.

I’d be happy to apply any untested/unsupported hacks to make it happen if any are available. :slight_smile:


P.S. Happy New Year!


Hi Steven,

There’s not currently a way to do that. You can have it auto open, under each users preferences this is an option.

We’re going to look at some type of auto start option for version 3 or perhaps a more prominent reminder.


This would be a nice feature. We sell product with a fixed number of hours of support. Right now it’s impossible to track because noone remembers to clicking additional buttons.


It would be possible using Greasemonkey to make the timer start, to do that though you’d need to be using FireFox. If you do that is an option.


Oooo, nice idea Ian, thanks. I’ll look into it.

For those not familiar with Greasemonkey see:


Posting per Ian’s suggestion, here is a Greasemonkey script to auto-start the Time Tracker when creating a new ticket or viewing a non-closed ticket.

  1. Copy/paste the following (between but not including the -=-=-=-=-=-=- lines) into a text file and name it something.user.js (e.g. AutoStartTimeTracker.user.js )

// ==UserScript==
// @name UserScape HelpSpot Time Tracker AutoStart
// @description Automagically toggles the Time Tracker to running state
// @include *admin.php?pg=request
// @include admin.php?pg=request
// ==/UserScript==



  1. Next install the Greasemonkey Addon if you don’t already have it and then restart Firefox:

  2. Drag and drop the *.user.js file you just created onto Firefox. This will open an install window for you (like the Addon install UI) So click the ‘Install’ button to do so.

You’re done. The next time you create or view a request, the Time Tracker will be running. :slight_smile:


I’ve not tested this without Preferences --> “Default the time tracker to open on the request page” enabled, but if you’re wanting this you’ve probably already got it enabled anyway.

You’ll need to install Greasemonkey and the script above on each computer you want it to work on.



Excellent, thanks Steven!