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Batch Change Tickets and Out of Office


When I want to change multiple tickets at once and use the checkboxes and quick actions dropdown to change them all back to the category it does not show who has their Out of Office on. And on top of that if you use auto assign for the inbox it does not auto assign based on out of office. Is this supposed to happen this way or is this a bug of some sort.

We want to use auto assign and then train our people to mark themselves out of office when they are not in use. But overnight everyone would be OOO so things would go to the Inbox. But if someone logged in and marked all of the tickets in the inbox to go back into the inbox it would then auto assign to some of the people that are at that point logged in. But this does not work how we thought.



Hi Pete,

We’ve added the out of office indicator to the drop down list in the upcoming release. However, the out of office should be working correctly even though it’s not listed. So when you try to batch assign to a user who is out of office it should correctly reassign to their indicated user (or inbox).

Keep in mind though that the reassignment does not cascade. So if you try to assign it to Bob and Bob is forwarding to Tim and Tim is also out it stays with Tim and does not reassign to Tim’s forward.


It looks like it randomly assigns to the next person even if they are OOO. For example;

5 users: two are out of office
John (OOO)
Fred (OOO)

The inbox is set to random assign.

Since everyone was OOO over night all night emails went to the inbox. An administrator comes logs in when they get to work and they know that some employees are in and that they have marked themselves as in. So the administrator marks all of the tickets in the inbox to sends them back onto the inbox to get randomly assigned to who is in.

This is where things don’t work… It looks like all of the tickets that are in the inbox go down the list and get assigned to each person in order and those that are OOO go back to the inbox. So every 4th and 5th email show back up in the inbox (in our senaro). In order to completely empty the inbox you would have to auto assign to the inbox as many times as it took.

Does the system not look at who is OOO and skip that person? It looks like that is how the random assign works through everything else but this.