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Batch closing tickets-Virtual Staff to assign them to


Hello again, Ian.

In batch closing tickets, we have created a virtual “staff person” so that the batched ticket is assigned to them. We do this so that the actual staffer batch closing the tickets does not appear to have 100s of tickets closed more than they actually do (we could batch closed separately from regular workflow of the staff person).

Is this the correct way to do this? i recall there being a way in which things are batch closed and do not actually require a “assign to”, thus making the virtual staff person unnecessary…



Hi Sylvia,

The system tracks assigned to, not closed by so if you have them in a filter any staffer can close them. However, if will apply in essence to the staffer it was assigned to. The fake sure is probably an OK work around if you find this to be a large percentage of your requests.

If these are not legitimate requests though you might want to trash them rather than close them.