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Batch Functions


Is there a way to change custom fields en masse without using the batch function?
Is there a way to use the batch function and have it NOT change the email address nor email subject?
Is there a way to send a batch that uses each ticket’s original ‘sent from’ email address?

Basically, I’m trying to batch process tickets across multiple email addresses, and when I do a batch, even when set to Private, it changes the subject of the email address, as well as the email address the email will be sent from. All of the tickets get processed twice, once to change a drop-down custom field (IMO the best way to assign tickets to filters using a single category), then a second time to send an email, and each time, the email address and subject line get changed.

Since I’m using between 15 and 20 different email addresses across 60 tickets on average, it’s a massive pain to send 15-20 batches for 60 tickets just to make sure the email address the email is sent from is correct, especially since this process is repeated weekly. The email subject changing can be managed, but as far as the email addresses, we have brands to worry about with our customers.

I’ve tried setting the note to public, deleting the subject line, and changing the email address to say “Do Not Email,” but it always seems to change it to the default email address and subject line anyway. Any help would be appreciated.