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Batch update - mandatory custom fields



I am using version 2.1.1 (we are testing 2.4.7 at the moment).

I was going to use the batch update / edit Request capability to change the status, the assigned to, and a couple of custom fields on a number of Requests.

My understanding is that the batch update wont update the custom fields if they are left untouched. However the problem I have is that some of the custom fields are defined as being mandatory, therefore the process wont let me continue until I enter information in these fields. For example the Title (Short Descfription) of the Request.

Obviously I dont want to rename all Requests to have the same title.

Have I missed something? How do I batch edit Requests without having to change the mandatory custom fields?


Hi Brent,

Currently the required fields must be entered. We’re going to look at though and likely change it for a future release.

In the meantime if you’re just changing assignment and status you can do those without using the batch respond. In the filter drop down just select change status. For assignment just select category then the assignee.