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Being able to transfer databases from one location to another


Can the HelpSpot system be easily transferred from one web server to another?

For example, we are currently on a 1-year contract with our current web hosting company that expires next spring, so we would probably start HelpSpot on our current server. When the contract is up, we are interested in changing to another provider (such as or similar provider).

If we change hosting companies, is it an easy process to change the HelpSpot system to the new server as well? Will we be able to transfer all of the messages that are on the current server to the new one?


Hi Penny,

Yes, it’s extremely easy to move HelpSpot. Since everything is in the database all you need to do is export your database, move the files to the new location, modify the config.php file for the new location and import your database in the new location.

That’s it. Your entire installation including all requests, files, notes, forums posts, etc is moved and ready to use.