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Best Practices for Large installs


HI All,

We have a fairly large install, getting about 2000 tickets per day. Shared Service environment. Windows Server 2012, Sql 2012

2 Questions:

1.) Does anyone have some guidance on routine maintenance, including the database

2.) What about archiving or purging closed requests. Is there a good way to do that on a regular basis

Any other tips or tricks for Keeping HS humming?



Hi Greg!

Generally on SQL Server there’s nothing you need to do other than normal SQL server maintenance like making sure your transaction log doesn’t fill up, disk space, etc.

Currently there’s no archiving and customers have been using it on busy installs for over a decade. That said, we are looking to eventually add such a feature. For now, it is possible to delete an individual request on the command line (on the latest release). So this could be scripted to pull a bunch of old request ID’s and loop over them to delete requests.

It’s not something people generally do from a maintenance/best practice perspective though. Only if they really want to delete the old requests for their own purposes as opposed to being required by HelpSpot.

Overall HelpSpot benefits from standard database driven web application best practices. Things like SSD drives, enough ram for the database, enough cpu power for everything. So keeping an eye on your server metrics as your installation grows just to make sure those things are at normal levels. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy!